Fostering Future Leaders: SSIS Cultivates the Next Generation of STEAM Innovators

Educators worldwide believe that a curriculum including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) is essential for preparing students for success in today’s modern economy.

Nurturing Intellectual and Personal Growth

Since 1997, Saigon South International School has been guided by its mission to nurture students’ intellectual and personal development and prepare them to live purposeful lives as global citizens. This holistic approach, supported by an innovative academic program and investments in students’ social-emotional well-being,  sharpens critical skills in questioning, literacy, and critical thinking and helps students develop the traits and dispositions needed to succeed in an ever-changing world, each step of the way.

With three courses pathways to graduation, including the IB Diploma Programme, AP courses, and advanced SSIS programs, the high school offers a rigorous and academically enriching journey for each student in preparation for matriculation to top universities around the world.

After studying the Mekong, Grade 4 students survey a model landmass with villages to predict how water and wind will impact the homes

Igniting a Passion for STEAM

Regardless of the path that students ultimately choose in high school, all SSIS students are engaged in hands-on experiences intended to ignite a passion for STEAM from the earliest years. Students are encouraged to learn and also apply their knowledge and skills to real-world challenges.

The enriching science curriculum immerses students in the essential scientific disciplines. The new Independent Scientific Research course will give students unique opportunities for interdisciplinary exploration focusing on community and global challenges, preparing them for further study and research in specialized scientific fields.

In the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) department, students can choose to challenge themselves in foundational to advanced skills. Courses like App Development, Robotics and Automation, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Programming for Game Design, and AP Computer Science Principles, emphasize skill development through project-based learning, preparing students for the rapidly developing tech landscape. In 2025, there will be a new set of courses designed to support FIRST robotics participation, which will give students yet another forum to compete globally at the forefront of technological education.

The Arts—Visual Arts, Fine Arts, and Performing Arts—give students a creative outlet to expand their minds and view the world from new perspectives. From a room perched above the robotics makerspace, high school Visual Arts students can gain inspiration for their work in classes like Textile & Fashion Design and 3D Design Sculpture. Just steps from the cafe, the second-floor art gallery is prominently situated for students from all STEAM disciplines to enjoy Visual and Fine Arts exhibits.

Lastly, SSIS provides a comprehensive Mathematics program that equips students with skills and knowledge in Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Data Science, and Precalculus, fostering a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. At SSIS, the vibrant Math Club and students’ participation in International Mathematics Competitions exemplify the school’s commitment to enriching mathematics offerings.

Hands-on learning is an essential component of STEAM education. Here middle school students learn how the velocity of a marble impact kinetic energy
In the STEAM Design Center makerspace, high school students are learning about machine learning and making prototypes of self-driving cars
The seating at the entrance of the STEAM Design Center is one of many flexible learning spaces that promote collaboration and sharing of ideas
The Art Gallery is centrally located on the second floor of the STEAM Design Center, inspiring creativity and new perspectives across all disciplines

Prepared to Lead in a Complex World

A series of ambitious initiatives have been designed to empower our students and community members and bridge the gap between education and the practical application of STEAM principles.

In partnership with the Georgia Tech Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC), SSIS is set to offer unparalleled outreach opportunities that emphasize the importance of integrating these critical fields into our everyday lives. This collaboration will provide a foundation for various programs, including expert-led consultations in computer science and hands-on experiences in robotics through both VEX and FIRST Robotics competitions, setting a new standard for interactive and competitive learning environments. Culminating our outreach efforts, SSIS is looking forward to hosting a Vietnam STEAM conference in February 2025.

SSIS represents a confluence of tradition and innovation, where students are prepared to lead with integrity, creativity, and the foresight to navigate a future where they are the creators of change, guided by our core values and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of global communities. SSIS envisions a future where its students and the wider community are not only recipients of knowledge but are also active contributors to the ongoing dialogue around STEAM education.

Source: SSIS

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