Bustling shopping space in Phu My Hung Midtown

After more than 2 years of operation, Midtown has become one of the famous entertainment locations in Phu My Hung, just after the Crescent. Contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of Midtown is the shop system spanning all four components.

Phu My Hung Midtown – a unique “City in the city”

As a complex having the largest investment in Phu My Hung in a decade, Phu My Hung Midtown is now a “home” for nearly 10,000 residents, of which nearly 50% are foreigners. The number of foreign guests coming to rent has increased steadily, creating an international community of diverse nationalities. Many of them are both renting and looking for business opportunities after realizing that this complex’s planning can meet those two needs at the same time.

Midtown shops/stores are scarce within scarcity

In recent years, in Vietnam, the line of shop real estate in the commercial podium of apartment buildings has also been considered an investment product that brings high profits. In Phu My Hung, shops are considered a special product line. Calculated on the total housing product of the city, shops only account for about 5% of the quantity, and are rarely sold on the market.

Particularly in Phu My Hung Midtown, there are more than 200 shops operating with a total of 314 products in the entire area, accounting for 72.8%. Shops are planned with diverse areas and arranged in many areas within one building, so they are suitable for many different types of businesses.

The advantage of shop planning is that the main entrance to the shop is wide and open, with convenient parking for cars and motorbikes, and easy identification of the shop through a scientifically arranged sign system. In particular, all 4 components are in operation, so the synchronous management and operation of business customers or those who come to use the service feel secure because of timely support from Savills and Phu Hung Thing’s human resources.

Immediately handed over and long- term stable ownership

Currently, there are still some other places where, depending on the legal nature of the commercial real estate, the shop’s shelf life is only 50 years. However, in Phu My Hung, whether it is an apartment or a shop, the shelf life is the same and is long-term stable.

Because the product has clear legality and ownership papers are handed over, the shop in Phu My Hung in general and Midtown in particular has received a lot of attention in recent times. This is quite easy to understand, because anyone who spends a large amount of money to buy real estate as an asset or investment knows clearly that only when buying a real estate property with clear legality, with an ownership certificate, will the owner have the right to have decision on that real estate according to the law.

Food and beverage outlets at Phu My Hung Midtown

Double profit, stable increase

Coming to Midtown today, you will see the present of hundreds of shops and the number of services is constantly increasing in all types of businesses, such as convenience stores, cafes, cuisine, fashion, spa, nails, gyms, pilates studios or personal skills training classes such as drawing, music, foreign language classes, etc.

The attraction makes a lot of businesses decide to choose Midtown to expand their business activities because of large, stable market demand and high spending levels. In Midtown alone, the population is about 10,000 people, currently the occupancy rate is 90%. In addition, this area also welcomes a large “market” including residents of Nam Vien area and other sub-areas, students and parents of neighboring schools including Taipei, Korea, Japan, Canada, Le Van Tam, Saigon South, office workers from the International Financial and Commercial area.

The advantages of planning the entire Midtown area also have a significant impact on the opening and use of services. This comes from the fact that Midtown complex is located next to Sakura Park – which is considered the second entertainment destination of Phu My Hung after the Crescent Lake, so Midtown also welcomes visitors from other areas, neighboring residents in Saigon South and other districts in the city.

Coffee shop in Phu My Hung Midtown

Increase added value for shop buyers

The diversity of customer sources and high requirements for service quality of high-spending customer groups are also factors that influence the decision to invest heavily in brand recognition of shops here. Coming to Midtown shops, in addition to using the service, customers also have the opportunity to “see” the décor styles. Each shop has its own unique look, from the shop name to the interior decoration.

Recently, in order to support customers buying business shops, Phu My Hung has coordinated with partners to design a number of shop spaces for services such as pet care, beauty, office… to make it easier for customers to visualize and clearly understand the business space they will own, saving time and effort in finding décor ideas and waiting for models.

Model designers propose using high-tech materials such as glass, stainless steel, and natural wood to create more open spaces; along with that, the combination of natural light and smart artificial light is also used a lot to create a service space with its own appeal.

Pet care store design model made by Indigo Company
A beauty service design for women made by Prestige Company

Source: Phu My Hung

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