Thief apprehended thanks to black number plate recognition technology

On June 20, 2023, Phu My Hung’s security force used a camera system and caught the thief Nguyen Quoc V., born in 1975 and residing in Phu Thuan Ward, District 7,HCMC.

In March 2022, he had committed theft in Phu My Hung and his license plate was added to the camera system. When he returned to the urban area, the camera system recognized his number plate and sent out a warning signal. The security force followed and monitored his activities. When he reached the Ca Cam 1 Bridge area, they discovered that he had two truck batteries in his vehicle and asked him to stop for verification. The thief knocked down the security guard’s motobike and ran away but was eventually caught by the Phu My Hung security force.

He admitted to stealing two car batteries from a truck parked on Nguyen Van Linh Parkway. The security force handed him over to the District 7 Police for further handling.

News: Thanh Toan

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