Search for the object that was unintentionally taken

On February 26, 2024, a student identified as H. from Lawrence S. Ting School inadvertently left behind his black backpack which contained a MacBook laptop valued at approximately VND 30 million along with some books, at a convenience store named K. H. and his friends then proceeded to play basketball in the Grand View Complex. However, upon returning roughly 10 minutes later, H. realized that his backpack was missing.

Subsequently, H. sought assistance from the Phu My Hung Security Team’s Monitoring Center to aid in locating the missing belongings. Utilizing camera footage, the security team of Phu My Hung obtained crucial information regarding the incident. It was revealed that a delivery man wearing an orange shirt, driving a black Winer motobike, took the backpack upon noticing it unattended.

Upon gathering pertinent details, the Phu My Hung security team relayed the information to Mr. C, the student’s parent, for verification. Mr. C then enlisted the assistance of the District 7 Traffic Police to confirm the ownership details of the vehicle, which led to identifying the owner as P.C.V, born in 1997, and residing permanently in Binh Thuan Ward, District 7. Later that day, around 10:00 PM, Mr. V. returned to the scene and handed back the backpack.

The student’s parents extended their gratitude to the Phu My Hung Security Team for promptly providing crucial information, which facilitated the retrieval of the belongings and the successful resolution of the matter with the assistance of the Police.

Source: Phu My Hung

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