Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival: Spring of Reunion

The 2024 Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival is set to take place from December 24 to the 4th day of Tet – Lunar Calendar (February 3 – 13, 2024), at The Crescent, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. As revealed by the Organizer, the enchanting Phu My Hung Spring Road will be adorned with the delightful theme of “Spring of Reunion” this year.

The “Spring of Reunion” theme is beautifully expressed with the aspiration to reconnect with heritage and celebrate the rich cultural values of Vietnam during the traditional Tet holiday. It symbolizes a heartfelt wish for unity and togetherness extended to visitors as the spring season unfolds.

On Phu My Hung Spring Road, the essence of “Spring of Reunion” comes to life through a series of captivating miniature scenes: Father Dragon and Mother Fairy, each with a sack filled with hundreds of eggs; The Dragon Father guiding his children to the sea; The Fairy Mother leading her children to the mountains… These scenes vividly bring to life the tale of Lac Long Quan and Au Co, serving as a reminder of our ancestors and fellow countrymen.

The revered symbols deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture find homage at The 2024 Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival, embodied in miniature replicas of the Lac Bird Gate and the Dong Son Bronze Drum. The numerical representation for 2024 is crafted in a timeless manner, adorned with patterns that mimic dragon scales. This design serves as a tribute to the year’s zodiac sign while establishing a meaningful link between tradition and modernity.

The 2024 Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival, celebrating the Year of the Dragon, boasts a vibrant stage adorned with the lively hues of spring. Visitors can immerse themselves in familiar spring landscapes and village scenes, including Calligraphy Masters’ Street, Flower Boats, Gourd Trellis, Rice Fields, and Canola Flower Fields. Additionally, there is a captivating photo exhibition showcasing The Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival over the years, along with the bustling Tet Market. This floral market, open from December 22 to 30 – Lunar Calendar (February 1 – 9, 2024), features approximately 145 stalls offering a delightful array of ornamental flowers.

The 2024 Phu My Hung Spring Flower Festival is open to the public, and admission is free for visitors. The Opening Ceremony is anticipated to take place at 6:00PM on December 24 – Lunar Calendar (February 3, 2024).

Source: Phu My Hung

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