Many ways to accumulate Livin Coin reward points for Livin PMH users

With the newly updated interface, Livin PMH App brings utilities along with benefits to users through the Livin Coin reward points feature. Specifically, customers can add 3 – 5% of the invoice value to their Livin Coin account when shopping or using services directly at shops associated with the App. In addition, when buying online in the Select section, users also get 2% of the invoice value into the Livin Coin wallet. Particularly, Phu My Hung residents will receive reward points when paying bills for management fees, water fees, and internet fees. From the accumulated reward points, users can choose to convert to vouchers with a face value of 30,000 VND – 100,000 VND at affiliated shops.

Customers can easily accumulate Livin Coin reward points at shops by following these 4 steps:

Particularly, you will receive 50 bonus coins to your Livin Coin account when using the referral code to invite new users to successfully register for a Livin PMH account. Steps to get a referral code:

  • Step 1: Open the Livin PMH App, go to the Account section at the bottom of the application screen
  • Step 2: Select the sharing code item
  • Step 3: Copy the sharing code
  • Step 4: Send it to your friends and get bonus coins as soon as your friends successfully register

Scan QR code to download the app:

Hotline: 0945 815 930


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