Green fences in Phu My Hung

We can find a lot of green fences in rural areas, but in urban spaces, they are really rare.

Yet in Phu My Hung, where the average density of trees per capita is up to 8.9 sqm, green fences appear on street corners. They can be found at surrounding parks, houses, between houses, along sidewalks, ect..

Green fences in Phu My Hung are quite diverse, some are woven with leafy plants such as Acanthus integrifolius, Ficus microcarpa, etc., some are made from flowering plants such as hibiscus, confetti, yellow bells, laurels, scallops… All are cared for, neatly trimmed, forming ecological green patches, both aesthetically pleasing and bringing freshness to the living environment.

Let’s take a look at the cool green fences in Phu My Hung with Phu My Hung Today.

By Thien Di
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